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I love it when my poetry is translated. Not only does it make my work available to people outside of the Dutch speaking world, it also means something I made very tangibly moves someone else to make something as well. Also, translation is a very potent reminder that nothing or no-one is ever really finished and always remains on the move.


Thus far, you can read poems of mine in three languages other than Dutch:


  • English (by Astrid Alben, Michele Hutchinson, Willem Groenewegen and Joe Hall)

  • Greek (by Irini Papakyriakou)

  • Arabic (by Yasser Abdel-Latif and Fatena Al Ghorra)


You can read a little bit about every translation project here. For now, I can only refer to or show some English and Greek translations, but in due time, a few of the ones in Arabic will also be available here.


In 2018, my debut collection Binnenplaats (Enclosure) was awarded with the VSB Poetry Prize, the most important prize for a poetry collection in the Dutch speaking world. All the nominees had some poems translated into English for the occasion. In my case, Astrid Alben translated five poems from my collection, which can be read on Poetry International Web.

Here’s me reading from Binnenplaats during the Poetry International Festival, with seven English translations - six by Astrid Alben and one by Michele Hutchinson - projected as subtitles (I also read a few of the Sonnets of Desolation by Gerard Manley Hopkins, which I've translated into Dutch):

And here is me reading with the world-jazz-impro-duo Boi Akih at the same festival:

I talked about my work, and read from it in English, during a session with Sarah Carriger, at the International Writer's Collective in Amsterdam. This was recorded and you can hear it here:

Earlier, Willem Groenewegen translated an otherwise unpublished poem for a book published by Onomatopee: Who told you so? The collective story vs the individual narrative.

Earlier still, I collaborated with American poet Joe Hall to make an English translation/retelling of another unpublished poem of mine.


Irini Papakyriakou has translated a large part of my poetry into the Greek language. Ten poems she's translated have been published in the Greek magazine ποιητική, along with an extensive essay. This is one of the poems:



I was part of the 4th Tanta International Festival of Poetry in Tanta, Egypt. For that purpose, Egyptian poet Yasser Abdel-Latif translated a few of my poems into Arabic. Later, Palestinian poet Fatena Al Ghorra translated some more poetry of mine into Arabic, for a festival in Antwerp.

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